Painted Pallet Organizer

Posted by Stephanie Chan

I've been wanting to organize my jewelry with an organizer with hooks. When I came across this ready-made wood pallet on, I knew I could very easily paint it however I wanted, add some hooks, and I'd have a very functional decor piece. I had fun creating a faux weathered look with my chalky finish paints, plus I personalized it in honor of our new kitty, Sherry. The pallet is perfect to personalize in any way you wish!

Here's What You'll Need

Sand the wood pallet, if needed, to smooth down the surface for painting.

Cover the entire surface with your main paint color. Use a small brush to get in between the wood slats, and paint the back support pieces as well, as they may show when you hang the pallet on the wall. Allow to dry.

Dip your paint brush into the gray paint, and blot it really well onto a paper plate or paper towel so that the paint is almost dry. Then lightly brush over the green paint. You can do it evenly, or not so evenly, it's just to make a faux wash over the green paint to give it an aged look.

When the gray paint has dried, you can add your stencil design. Instead of using a stencil, however, I just printed out my cat silhouette and traced it with a pencil onto the pallet.

Then I filled in the outline with yellow paint. I did the same with my letters. After the paint dried, I applied creme wax to protect my surface, buffing it with a clean cloth (i.e. an old t-shirt).

Apply your hanging hardware. I used cup hooks. First, drill a pilot hole with your drill. Then, screw in the cup hooks. I made four holes along the bottom edge, over the back support pieces and centered on each slat. I repeated the process at the top edge, so I had eight hooks total. You could also use little cabinet knobs or nails hammered in at an angle.

All done with the front. Hmm... I wonder if Sherry likes it.

Last step is to add some picture hangers to the back (on the back support piece), string on some twine, and hang it up.

I hung my new organizer above my vanity, by the window. There's plenty of room for lots of necklaces, bracelets, and even a vintage purse frame that I love.

Sherry at least seems to like the placement of it, next to her favorite perch. Swat Swat!

You could use this organizer for more than just jewelry. Hang it in the kitchen for pot holders, aprons, and oven mitts. Hang it by the door for keys or dog leashes (in that case, Sherry requests that you change it to a doggy theme!). Hope this inspires you to create your own pallet organizer. How would you personalize it?