Out This World! 10 Upcycled Globe Craft Ideas

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Wait, don't pass up that old globe at the thrift store! You can transform it into something magical with the 10 globe craft ideas.

Do you guys remember globes? I sure do! I am pretty sure this is how I learned most of my geography and found out the place I would live when I got older (you know, the whole spin the globe and randomly stop it with your finger, and where it landed is where you were going to live?). When I was younger a globe could be found in just about every home in America with a grade school aged child.

Nowadays, you can't find globes anywhere. With the advancement in the good old web, globes seem to have been phased out of schools and homes. Kid's are now learning geography on tablets and computers, making the trusty globe obsolete. Globes have officially become "vintage" (am I really that old that something I grew up with is now vintage?!?). The only places globes can be found are in the windows of flea markets and at thrift stores.

Even though people are getting rid of their globes, it doesn't mean they can not be revived and turned into modern works of art. I found 10 awesome projects that show globes are not a dying bunch after all. I was blown away at how creative these globe upcycles are. A globe pendant light? Are you kidding me? AMAZING! You can see the entire list below.

Don't forget, the next time you see a globe at a garage sale, thrift store, or rummage sale, don't pass it up; grab that globe and turn it into something out of this world! :)

Do you still own a globe?

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