Moroccan Inspired Frame

Posted by Meghan Quinones

When I first decided to create a stenciled frame, I had my heart set on the Clear Scraps Fan Stencil. My thought was to use this trendy stencil along with some Sharpie Markers. Well, this did not happen.

First, when I went to our warehouse to grab the fan stencil, I found out we didn't have it. Boo! I was super bummed. I went ahead and looked-up Clear Scraps to see the other designs we had in stock, hoping I would be able to find another design. Thankfully I was able to find a close second. At this point, I thought I was back on track; not so much. When I tried to use my Sharpie on my wooden frame I noticed the ink starting to bleed. Another project idea fail! Now, I wasn't ready to give up on my frame quite yet, so I quickly aborted that idea and pushed forward with another idea.

After some brainstorming, I ended up deciding to go with a Moroccan inspired frame. I paired my second stencil with two blue colors of chalky finish paint. After I stenciled my frame, I felt like it still needed something. I went and raided our craftroom and found some Faber Castell Texture Gems that I thought would be the perfect addition to my frame. The texture gems really finished off my Moroccan inspired frame. So, what started off as a project fail ended up being quite lovely.

When was your last project fail? Were you able to turn the project around?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Chalky Finish Paint (2 colors of blue) You can also use acrylic paint
  • Multicraft Designer Photo Frame For 5"X7"
  • Clear Scraps Stencil
  • Stencil Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Repositionable Spray Adhesive
  • Faber Castell Texture Gems

Let's get crafty!

Paint your wooden frame with your light blue paint. Let it dry.

Turn your stencil over on a protective surface and spray it with your adhesive.

Lay your stencil on your frame so the center aligns with the center of your frame.

Begin painting over your stencil.

When you are finished painting, carefully remove your stencil.

Place your stencil over the prior design you created on your frame. By placing it on the prior design, you will perfectly align the rest of your stencil on the other side of your frame. Stencil your design, then remove your stencil.

Move to the bottom left hand side of your stencil. Once again aligning the center of your stencil with your prior stenciled designs.

Finally, move your stencil to the lower right hand side of your frame, stencil, and remove.

Allow your frame to fully dry. Once mine was dry, I decided I couldn't just stop there with my frame design. I grabbed my Faber Castell Texture Gems in silver and began adding dots to my frame. I started at the lower right hand of my 3 bar design and went up at an angle, placing a dot inside each bar. Once I added dots to all of your dark blue bars, let them dry.

When your gems are completely dry, add a picture or your favorite quote!