Mini Woven Easter Basket

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Use strips of pretty patterned paper to create a festive mini woven Easter basket.

It's officially Spring and I couldn't be happier. We made it through the snow and cold temps of Winter! I always enjoy when the seasons change, especially when we transition from Winter to Spring. This change brings brighter colors, blooming flowers, and warmer weather.

Since Spring is upon us, it means Easter is the next holiday to grace us with its presence. I LOVE making projects for this holiday because it means creating cute bunny and chick crafts to coloring Easter eggs that pop. This year I wanted to use up some of the pastel scrapbook paper I've been hoarding, so I decided to create mini woven Easter baskets. This project is really easy to make - It reminds me of weaving paper strips in one of my grade school art classes!

I wanted to make sure my basket was sturdy, so I used a paper mache box on the inside. No candy or egg disasters here! All you need to create your own mini woven easter basket is scrapbook paper, paper trimmer, paper mache box, and glue. So simple!

Check out the video below for the full tutorial on how to create your own mini Easter basket.


- Patterned Scrapbook Paper

- Paper Mache Box (this would work)

- Washi Tape (or Painter's Tape)

- Paper Trimmer

- Hot Glue Gun