Metallic Snow Covered Decor

Posted by Morena Hockley

I miss snow

I live in Texas now, where we very rarely see snow, and I find myself missing that first snowfall of the season. (I don't miss the 10th or 15th snowfall and cabin fever....but I digress.) That doesn't mean that I can't bring some of the magic of a snow covered scene indoors! With just a few supplies you, too, can create this sparkly centerpiece.


  • DecoArt Metallic Paint
  • Acorns
  • Candle Sleeve
  • Mod Podge
  • Epsom Salt

Paint the acorns and the candle sleeve with the metallic paint. Two applications are plenty to achieve a brilliant metallic finish. (Make sure you freeze or bake any acorns you collect so you won't have any wiggly surprises later!)

Get two small cups, and fill one with DecoPage and the other with Epsom Salt. Dip the acorn cap in the glue and then in the salt. Set it aside to dry.

Paint the candle sleeve with DecoPage and sprinkle Epsom Salt on top. Allow it to dry, then gently tap off the excess.

Assemble the candle and acorns on a platter or dish. Insert a battery operated tea light in the candle sleeve, and your "snowy" centerpiece is ready! This would also make pretty mantlescape decor, too, don't you think? You could also make several more metallic acorns and fill a bowl with them to make a unique decorative accent. Have fun crafting and creating!