Mega Bulky Cowl - Free Knitting Pattern

Posted by Heidi Gustad
Even beginners can knit this mega bulky cowl that comes together in no time!

When you first learn to knit, it can be hard to find those perfect beginner projects that let you make something you actually want to wear or use. Even when I learned to knit as a kid, I remember thinking, "Wait. How many little knit rectangles does a girl need?!" The answer is zero. Zero, that is, unless you make your beginner knitting rectangles into something cute and/or useful. Between the mug rugs I shared recently and this super adorable, mega bulky cowl, your list of useful beginner knitting projects is beginning to grow!

I'm going to format today's beginner knitting project as a traditional pattern, which I'll be doing from now on to get you used to the funny little abbreviations used in knitting patterns. That way, if you're learning to knit along with me here at Blitsy, you can take these beginner knitting building blocks with you and start trying out other real-life knitting patterns as soon as you find them! (I'll do a blog post soon on great places to find knitting patterns for newbies, just you wait!)


3 skeins Lion Brand Quickie (there are a few colors to choose from)
jumbo tapestry needle (for weaving in ends)
size US 50 knitting needles


CO - cast on
sts - stitches
RS - right side
WS - wrong side
k - knit
sl - slip
wyif - with yarn in front
BO - bind off

Mega Bulky Cowl Pattern

CO 8 sts
row 1. (RS) k across
row 2. (WS) sl 1 wyif, k across

Repeat row 2 until you run out of yarn or to desired length,* then BO all sts. Each time you finish a skein, add more yarn, leaving long enough tails for weaving in ends (approx. 5-6 inches since this yarn is so bulky). Bring CO and BO ends together and sew with mattress stitch. Weave in all ends to finish.

*The phrase "to desired length" means that you can stop when your cowl is as long as you want it to be. Not an abbreviation, but a term often used in knitting patterns, just FYI. :)


If you're confused, that's a-ok! This pattern was designed with new knitters in mind. :) I've done a bunch of videos designed especially for beginners to get you started knitting, and all the skills you need to knit this cowl are available on Blitsy. And since this is the first knitting pattern I'm doing on the blog, here's a roundup of the videos featuring each skill you'll need to knit this cowl, start to finish. So easy!

How To Do A Long Tail Cast On (CO)

How to Knit (k)

How to Knit with Neat Edges (sl 1 wyif)

How to Bind Off (BO)

How to Sew Mattress Stitch in Knitting

How to Weave in Ends