Mason Jar Pincushion Toppers

Posted by Brenna

As a crafter do you often wander stores thinking, "I can't buy that! It's so simple, I know I can make it!" That happens to me a lot and was the case with this project. It was so cute I had to come home and give it a try right away.


  • Fabric {I used a piece from a layer cake}
  • Felt
  • Fiberfill
  • Needle (get a sewing kit here!)
  • Thread
  • Marking Tool
  • Glue Gun
  • Mason jar, ring and lid

Make it!

Cut your fabric into an 8in circle. I'm real fancy, I used a small plate. Also cut a 2 in circle out of felt, I used the inside of the mason jar ring as my guide.

With needle and thread go along the edge of your circle about a half of an inch in, using a running a stitch.

Once you've gone around your circle pull on the thread slightly to gather. When it starts to take shape you can begin to fill it with fiberfill.

After you have your topper filled, tighten up your thread to enclose the circle. Tuck your raw edges to the inside, then give it another tug.

I like to go back around with my needle through the pleats to secure, then I knotted my thread to finish.

I have to say it turned out so cute at this step I almost thought about making this the top!

This step is purely optional, but if you would like your ring and lid to stay together put a few small dots of glue on the inside of your ring.

Add glue to your piece of felt and attach to your topper.

Attach felt to the mason jar lid. I had adhesive felt for this step, but if you don't a dot of glue will do just fine.

You're Done! I hope you enjoy making this project and giving it as a gift, if that is the case. I love mine and I think it is a perfect for sewers, because not only is it a pincushion but it can hold your basic sewing or embroidery supplies.