Mason Jar Makeover

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Have you seen all of the amazing jar transformations on Pinterest? People have been taking glass jars they find at the thrift store and have been adding paint to the inside, giving them a pop of color! I have also seen old spaghetti jars transformed into lovely home decor using this same method!

To turn your clear jars into a colorful decorative piece, all you need to do is pour paint inside of your jar and swirl it around until all of your glass is covered in paint. I am telling you, this really is as easy as it sounds! To take my jar transformation one step furthers, I decided to add a couple of tassels. I used some minty colored crochet thread to create my tassels. I then tied them around my jar to complete the transformation. What do you think?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Pour your entire container of paint into a cup.

Start adding a little bit of water to your paint. I added water to my paint to thin it out a bit. This will help it move easily inside of our jar. Use your paint brush to mix your water and paint.

Pour your paint inside of your jar. Begin spinning your jar around to coat the inside with paint.

Continue spinning your jar until the inside of your jar is completely covered with paint.

Tip your jar over and place it on your craft mat or paper plate. You will let this sit over night. This will get rid of any excess paint so the so the inside of your jar can dry.

To create your tassel, you will begin by wrapping your crochet thread around three of your fingers. Wrap it around 50 times. Cut a piece of crochet thread and run it under the top of your thread and tie a knot. Cut another piece of thread and wrap it around the top part of your tassel. Then, cut the bottom loop of you tassel and trim it down so all of your loose threads are the same size. Repeat these steps to create another tassel.

Wrap crochet thread around the top of your mason jar, tie a knot, and trim your ends.

Run one piece of thread at the top of your tassel through your needle. Run your needle through two or three of the strings wrapped around the top of your lid.

Bring your string down so it is right at the top of your tassel. Then, tie a knot and trim your loose ends.

Repeat Step 9 with your other tassel. You are finished!