Manly Bulletin Board

Posted by Stephanie Chan

This masculine version of the weaved bulletin board makes a great Father's Day gift and takes no time at all!

Here's What You'll Need

Picture frame

Chalky finish paint or acrylic paint

Upholstery webbing

Canvas belt straps in two colors

D rings

Sewing machine, heavy duty needle, and thread

Anti-fraying glue


Staple gun

Cardboard or foam, fabric, and white glue

Paint your picture frame if desired. I used chalky finish paint and sanded it a bit to show the original gold paint before sealing it with creme wax. Allow to dry.

First, figure out how you'll position all of the straps. Weave together the upholstery webbing so the resulting lattice is larger than the size of the frame.

Weave the belt straps into the upholstery webbing lattice. Then, form a T-shape with the contrasting belt straps. I added some detail with D-rings and a little strip of the first belt strap in the middle of the T. Cut your belt straps so there's enough to wrap around the D-rings by an inch or so, and like the upholstery webbing, make them longer than the frame size.

Sew the belt straps to the D-rings and seal the cut ends with anti-fraying glue.

Time to staple everything to the frame! I recommend taking a picture of your lattice with your phone so you can look back at it because you'll have to take it apart to staple it. Use a pencil to mark on your frame where the straps should go. Start by stapling the straps in the T-formation, because they will go on top. Then, staple the webbing, and finally, weave through the other straps and staple them. Trim the ends and add anti-fraying glue.

You can stop here, or you could add a backing, whether you use the backing that came with the frame, or if that's missing, use a piece of foam or cardboard. The backing might show through the lattice so you can wrap it with fabric, securing it to the backing with white glue.

All done and ready for Father's Day gift giving!

Dad can keep notes or display pictures. These are from our girls' first birthday party. Sigh.