Make Your Own Succulent Clock Face

Posted by Katie King
Learn how to make your own clock face with an adorable succulent-inspiration.

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Succulent projects seem to be the latest DIY trend in the craft world. However if you're like me, you may worry more about keeping the plant alive than making the actually DIY project. Personally, I am one of those people who wasn't born with green bone (none the less a green thumb) in there body. So I've always been a fan of those DIY projects which give you that pretty plant look without the worry of whether it will die or not.

Recently, when I saw these Waffle Flower Die-Pots the thought of succulents came to my mind. I thought it would be cool to create little succulent-like plants out of paper and then incorporate the Waffle Flower Die-Pots in some way. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Waffle Flower, there die-cuts are made from metal and come connected together. They are designed to be cut apart, then run through your die cutting machine, in order to get your desire design (in this case a flower pot).

Now I don't have a die cutting machine but that shouldn't mean that we crafters should be deprived of the ''die cutting cuteness''. So in order to get around this ''problem'', I just treated the Waffle Flower Die-Pots as embellishments. By doing this, it gave my finished flower pot a more unique look and made it look more like 3D embellishment you would buy pre-made at the craft store!

Once I had all my pieces together I still needed to add them to something, then I remember how my friend Morena had used a shadow frame in one of her projects. I thought the shadow frame would act as a good base for a clock and thats essentially how this project was born!

So to learn how to make your own succulent-inspired clock just check out the full tutorial below!


  • Beyond The Page MDF Mini Single Shadow Frame-6.5"X6.5"X.5"
  • Core'Dinations - Tim Holtz Distress (I used Bundled Sage, Crushed Olive and Peeled Paint)
  • Waffle Flower Die-Pots
  • Mod Podge (I used the gloss finish)
  • Scrapbooking Paper (this pack would be perfect for this project)
  • Scissors
  • Pilers
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • E6000
  • Drill
  • Clock Kit

Find the center of your shadow frame and drill a hole that is big enough for your clock kit to be inserted.

Paint your shadow frame with acrylic paint and set it aside to dry.

When your shadow frame is dry, glue the frame portion to the back portion with some E6000. Then set it aside to dry.

Take your Waffle Flower Die-Pots and cut them apart using your pilers. Then glue each one to some pattern scrapbooking paper using some Mod Podge. Once your die-pots are dry, cut them out. For this project, I used four Waffle Flower Die-Pots.

Grab your Tim Holtz's Distress Paper and draw random ''leaf shapes'' onto your paper. You will want to draw a large leaf shape on your darkest paper, a medium size leaf shape on your second lightest paper and the smallest size on your lightest paper. You may need to experiment a little bit to find the shape that you like. When you're happy with your shapes, cut them out.

Once you have all your pieces, you can begin putting them together. First you will want to glue down three of your ''leaf shapes'' at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock marks. You will want to glue down the larges shape first, then your medium size shape and finally your smallest shape. Once your pieces are all dry, glue down one of your die-pots on top of each ''leaf bundle''.

When your clock is completely dry, just insert your clock kit and you are done!

Now this is a succulent project that won't die! If succulents aren't your thing, you could always change the theme of this clock to your favorite type of plant or flower. Like a sunflower clock would be cute or maybe a daisy inspired clock.

Are you a fan of the succulent DIY trend?