Make Your Own Paperclip Embellishments

Posted by Kim Dellow

Have you tried the DAS air-hardening clay yet? If you haven't then you might want to give it a go. It is a fun product that is really easy to use and you can make all sorts of things with it. Take these cute paperclip embellishments, for example. You just need the clay; some frame molds - like the Plaid Mod Podge Ornamental molds; some paint like the DecoArt paints; paperclips; and away you go.

Here Is What You Will Need:

Prang DAS Air-Hardening Clay White (you can also use Mod Podge Mod Melts)

DecoArt Americana Multi Surface Acrylic Paints in various colors

Plaid Mod Podge Molds Ornamental

Plaid Mod Podge


Pattern paper scraps




Sandpaper (optional)

Let’s Make!

Pinch off a bean-sized ball of the DAS Air-Hardening Clay and reseal the bag. Then roll the clay out between your fingers.

Coil the clay around a frame mold and press it down firmly. Keep working until the frame is filled and spread the clay over the centre to get a filled frame.

Now work around the edge of the frame, pushing any overhanging clay back into the frame to give a neat finish.


If you need to, pinch off any extra clay. You want the back to be as smooth and flat as possible so that the embellishment isn't too thick.

Let the clay pieces dry for a few hours, or until the back changes colour, then pop them carefully out of the mold and set them facing upwards to finish drying. Then you can paint them.


Get a distressed look by lightly sanding the dry paint with fine grain sandpaper.

Once the paint is dry glue the clay embellishment on the top of a paperclip and add a piece of card over the paperclip to hold it in place. You can now decorate the inside of the frames with pieces of scrap paper or doodles.

They make really fun, bespoke embellishments for lots of different papercraft projects and they are cheap and easy to do too!

Thanks for popping by.

Kim Dellow