Make Glittery Trophy Bottle Stopper Gifts

Posted by Morena Hockley
Learn how to upcycle old trophies into fun and functional wine bottle toppers.

Take those trophies collecting dust in your attic, and turn them into something useful: a fun bottle topper!

Hello Blitsy crafters! I have another fun upcycling project for you. If you don't have trophies on hand, you can always find them at thrift stores and garage sales. If all else fails, you can also order the pieces from trophy stores.

I wanted to give my piece a sparkly paint finish without the mess of glitter. That's why I love Glamour Dust Paint! You get the beauty of glitter without glitter shedding everywhere. Who wants glitter in their wine? Yuck! With Glamour Dust paint you can add as much or as little glitter finish as you want, without the mess.


Paint the trophy top with a color that matches the Glamour Dust paint you plan to use.

Apply multiple applications of the Glamour Dust paint, letting the paint dry before adding another layer. Continue until you've reached the desired look. One or two layers is enough for light shimmer. I wanted a heavily glittered look, so I applied 4 layers of Glamour Dust paint.

Use an awl or sharp tool to make a hole on the center of the cork. Carefully twist the trophy top to screw it in place.

This fun bottle stopper would make a cute gift tag tied on to a wine gift. If you don't care for wine, you could use this idea to top a mason jar or a larger corked jar and make a fun storage container. Have fun crafting and creating!