Make DIY Floating Candles in Bottle Caps

Posted by Morena Hockley
Upcycle bottle caps into adorable DIY floating candles. Learn how at Blitsy.

Teeny tiny marshmallow roasting kit, anyone? I couldn't resist throwing a mini kit together after I made these itty bitty bottle cap candles. A fun way to craft and recycle, I originally designed this project to use as floating candles. But with a little imagination, I'm sure you can come up with lots of uses for these miniature candles!


  • Bottle caps
  • Wax
  • Scented Wax Yaley Candle Scent Block 3/4oz Vanilla
  • Colored Wax Yaley Candle Dye Block 3/4oz Lavender
  • Wick Yaley Wire Wick 6' Pkg Small

Cut one inch pieces of wick. Use Elmer's glue or hot glue to attach the wick to the bottle cap. For best results, use a wick with a clip, but if you don't have a clip (like me) this is a way to improvise. Let the glue dry completely before moving to step two.

Melt the wax. I have a warming plate that I use, but there are several DIY versions you can try if you don't have a melter. One of the most common practices is to place a glass jar or recycled tin can in a pot of boiling water till the wax melts.

Once the wax has melted, add the colored wax. The concentration is very intense, so start with a tiny bit (shave or cut it off the larger cube), and add more color until you've achieved the desired effect.

Add the scented wax to the melted, colored wax. Again, start with a small amount then add more until the scent is pleasing to you.

Pour the melted wax into the bottle cap, and let it cool. Work on a craft sheet or wax paper to make clean up easier.

If you are gifting these or carrying them with you for a picnic, you can fit 6 mini candles in a mint tin. Wouldn't it make an adorable, romantic gift to decorate a tin and fill it with tiny candles and a few matches? Instant candlelight wherever you are! How will you use your bottle cap candles when you make them? Have fun crafting and creating!