Make Baker's Twine Holders

Posted by Morena Hockley

I'm always on the lookout for creative, cute storage and organization solutions. I'd had my baker's twine pushed into a glass container, and it was always getting tangled. I finally came up with a crafty way to keep my baker's twine easy to find! These fun twine holders are easy to make with supplies from Blitsy.


Use the adhesive sheets to attach the scrapbook paper to the front and back of the chipboard.

Cut the chipboard using the die cuts. I had to run mine through a few times to cut completely through.

I finished my shapes off with a little ink on the edges. Then I just wrapped my shapes with twine! I have them in a little bird cage right now, but when I move my cork board over my craft desk I plan to pin these onto my board so I can access them easily.