Make a Glass Painted Monogram Mug

Posted by Morena Hockley

Martha Stewart silkscreens make it easy to create a simple project that looks much more complicated than it is! All you need are the right supplies to quickly make several of these gorgeous mugs, which make great gifts.


  • Martha Stewart Silk Screen Stencils for Glass Paint
  • Martha Stewart Glass Paint
  • Mug

Clean the mug well with an alcohol wipe to prep the surface. Once it's dry, press the silk screen stencil onto the surface.

Place a line of glass paint on the edge of the silk screen. Use a scraper tool to gently drag the paint over the stencil. Repeat until you have the desired effect. Be careful not to let the stencil touch the previous images, as it will lift the fresh paint off. If you want to place the images close together, let it dry for at least 24 hours to set first.

Place a letter stencil on the mug, and fill with glass paint.

You'll have to let the paint dry for several days, so if this a gift you need to start early. The paint is dishwasher safe after it has cured for 21 days or if you heat set it according to the package instructions.

Have fun crafting and creating painted monogrammed mugs!