Machine Embroidered Cloud and Rainbow Pillows

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Use shiny rayon embroidery thread in your sewing machine to make pillows based on your kiddo's drawings.

I loved rainbows as a kid, and my girls are no different. I found some drawings of theirs and made some pillows based on their drawings. I started with plain white fabric and embellished them with rayon embroidery thread. I love how these cute pillows turned out!

What You'll Need

  • Robison-Anton Rayon Embroidery Thread
  • White Cotton Fabric
  • White thread (for bobbin and sewing the pillow)
  • Washable fabric pen
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Sewing machine
  • Clear sewing machine foot
  • Polyester fiber stuffing
  • Sewing needle

Let's Get Crafty!

To create a pattern for the pillows, I simply taped two pieces of paper together and drew out the pattern based on my girls' drawings. I sketched them out with a pencil first, then went over the pencil with a thick marker. I cut two pieces, and on one piece, I traced a simple face with my washable pen.

I placed a piece of tear-away stabilizer underneath the piece with the face. The stabilizer will keep the fabric from puckering underneath the stitches.

I used a blue thread for the eyes, and a peachy pink for the mouth.

I set my machine to sew a satin stitch, and used a clear applique foot. Center the foot onto the lines you drew for the eyes. Don't forget to back stitch at the beginning and end. Repeat with the peach fabric for the mouth. If you don't have a satin stitch on your machine, you can set your machine to sew a tight zig zag stitch. I recommend practicing on scrap fabric first (be sure to put stabilizer underneath during practice too), until you find a stitch that you like.

All done with the stitching! The thread is so shiny and it really stands out. Gently tear away the stabilizer from the back.

Now just sew up the pillow like you normally would. I left a turning hole at the bottom towards one side.

Stuff the pillow, and sew up the opening using a needle and thread with a slip stitch. All done with the cloud!

I drew out the rainbow and small cloud on two pieces of paper as well, and cut two pieces. The rainbow and cloud are all one piece. As with the big cloud, I traced the face as well as the stripes, making sure to leave enough room for a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

I stitched the stripes first, then I stitched the outline of the top of the cloud. The cloud stitches cover the ends of the stripes. Then I stitched the eyes and mouth. Also like the big cloud, I pinned the two pieces together and sewed to form a pillow, leaving a turning hole (mine was on the inside curve, towards the end opposite of the cloud).

Check out your kiddos' drawings, maybe you'll find some inspiration to make your own pillows! They will love to see their drawings come to life in cuddly form!