Lisa Pavelka UV set Moon Pendant

Posted by Francesca

Take a small piece of polymer clay and roll out until it's smooth and flat. Then print an image of moon onto a piece of Lisa Pavelka transfer paper. Cut it out with scissors or a hole punch keeping as close to the image as you can.

Moisten the paper side of the moon image and slide off. Place what was the paper side flat down onto the polymer clay.

Smooth out any air bubble and using a craft knife cut around the moon image, keeping as close to the transfer as possible

Make a small hole in the pendant using a bead reamer. You'll have to go through the transfer paper so be careful no to tear it. Cover in a thin layer of Sculpey Transfer liquid to protect the image and bake in the oven for half an hour on a medium/low heat.

Once this is set and cooled cover the pendant again in Lisa Pavelka Magic-glos. You can create quite a thick layer without the gloss seeping over the edge so don't be afraid to go for it. Just be careful not to cover the hole you made earlier. Remove any air bubbles that might have appeared with a cocktail stick and prepare the UV lamp.

Make sure you read the instruction and use the lamp carefully. When the magic-glos is set you're ready to fit on a jump ring and chain!