Light Up Halloween With Heidi Swapp Marquee Numbers

Posted by Natalie Wright
Light up your fall decor with Heidi Swapp Colorshine and "spook"tacular marquee numbers!

Hello friends! Can you believe fall is already here? I LOVE to decorate for fall. My decorations are always up by September 1st! If you too are eager to get your fall decorations up too, here's a really easy tutorial for some fun light-up marquee numbers! I plan on displaying these Halloween inspired numbers on my fireplace mantle all season. On October 31st when the trick-or-treaters come around, I will put them out on my front porch for all to see!

These marquee numbers are so easy to make!

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Heidi Swapp Marquee numbers 1 & 3
  • Color Shine Spritz in gold
  • Black spray paint
  • Four AA batteries

Ready to make your light-up marquee numbers?? First, open the packaging and find the number template. These are intended to use as a stencil so you can trace your number onto the paper you want to use and cut it out. Instead of cutting out a new number, we are just going to spray the paper stencil!

See, I told you it was easy. :)

Spritz your paper stencil covering the entire number with your Heidi Swapp Colorshine spray. Allow it to fully dry, and spritz it again if you feel like it need more color. I gave my number two heavy coats of color. The fun thing about Colorshine spray, it is has a lovely metallic effect that looks like a watercolor painting. It's so pretty!

While your Colorshine numbers are drying, paint your marquee numbers with either black spray paint or black craft paint. Allow these to fully dry as well.

Once your numbers are dry, insert your Colorshine numbers into the marquee numbers. Place the bulbs in the front, and attach the lights in the back.

Next, insert your batteries into the marquee numbers. Each number takes two AA batteries. Test the lights to makes sure you put then in correctly!

That's it! Soooo easy. And my favorite things about the Heidi Swapp Marquee numbers is that you can easily take them apart and redecorate them anytime!

My marquee numbers look so great on my mantle! I think I am going to have to order some letters too so I can spell out Halloween! With a little spray paint and Colorshine spray, these Marquee numbers are a breeze!

I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do friends! And don't feel bad about having your decorations up on September 1st! Just remember I will be doing the same. ;)