Letterpress Photo Holders

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Everyone loves displaying photos. Why not display them in something other than a picture frame? I decided to pair the Tim Holtz Letterpress and Memo Pins together to create a truly unique photo display. What I love most about this project is it is totally customizable and super easy. Just think of all of the possibilities!

How would you use the Tim Holtz Ideology Letterpress letters?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Tim Holtz Ideology Letterpress
  • Tim Holtz Ideology Memo Pins
  • Super Glue
  • Hammer
  • Forever Green Laser Cut Wood Icons In A Box (this is optional)

Let's get crafty!

Select letters for your photo holder. I decided to go with 'smile'.

Begin glueing your letters together. I laid my first letter on its side, added glue, and then added the next letter in my word. Continue this process until your word is complete.

Finally, grab your hammer and your memo pin. Find the center of your word and put your memo pin in with your hammer. You are finished!

After I added this adorable picture of Miles, I realized I could have actually spelled his name instead of the word 'smile'. :)

Here are some Letterpress Photo Holder Ideas:

I took the address of my new house and turned it into a 'home' themed photo holder with a very fitting quote.

I took Katy and her husband Ryan's initials and added a glittery love card. This could used as a display at a wedding. It could also be used as an anniversary gift with the bride and groom's wedding date added.

These Letterpress Photo Holders would also be perfect as your wedding table numbers!

You could also do a single letter and add a Forever Green Laser Cut Wood Icons along with your favorite quote. Just think how cute this would be on your desk!