Let's Talk Planner Stamps!

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Start stamping one-of-a-kind layouts with our tips, tricks and techniques!

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With so many new planner releases, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a planner, let alone embark on trying new techniques once you have it in front of you. However, no matter which style or size of planner you choose, using planner stamps is a simple way to customize layouts to best fit your lifestyle. Below you'll learn a little about what planner stamps are and how they can add layers of creativity and function to your day-to-day plans.

Why try planner stamping?

Planner stamps are a reusable accessory that can easily get a fresh look simply by changing ink colors. There is no need to buy multiples of the same stamps or blocks, (unless you want to of course!) and the slim footprint is much less bulky than other planner accessories that can become a pain to haul around. With all of the options out there, planner stamps are a way to create a schedule, layout or plan that feels completely personal. Fun icons can be just what you need to stay on track with that healthier diet or maybe, cute sayings can motivate you to keep up with your workouts. Overwhelmed by work or school? Stamping a cute little image of what is due the following day is something to look forward to and will help keep you accountable.

What do I need to get started?

What are planner stamps?

Planner stamps are designed to be smaller in size then regular stamps and often come in themed packs that work well together when planning around a specific occasion or topic. For example, a meal planning set may have food icons and words such as "potluck," "grocery list" or a line of stars to rate meals. They are clear, making placement within small sections of a planner a cinch. What's great about the variety of planner stamps out there is that if you don't happen to like your handwriting or doodling skills, it's taken care of for you! All you have left to do is mix and match, choose an ink color and stamp away! While planner stamps are smaller in size, it does not mean you can't get creative with larger stamps as well. Try incorporating different sizes you may already own, or images you love to create a layered layout that's uniquely you.

Which inks work best for planner stamping?

The best ink to use with planner stamps, hands down, is a chalk based ink because:
- It sits on top of surface so it won't bleed through page
- It air dries quickly for minimal smearing
- It is waterproof when heat set
- Still stays wet long enough that it works for embossing if you move quickly
- It is water-based, so less likely to stain surfaces and hands
- Being archival it won't fade like other inks may

Check out this post about one of our favorite chalk inks, VersaMagic!

Other inks such as dye based inks and Distress inks, can bleed through, take too long to dry, stain or smudge.
Pigment inks aren't the best, but are still usable if their longer drying times and ink consistency are taken into account. They are, however, great if you want to emboss in your planner! For the best results, don't overload the ink and heat set with an embossing heat tool if it is taking too long to air dry.

Hopefully this information helps you incorporate planner stamps into your daily planning. To see examples of planner stamping, or for additional guidance, re-watch our Planner Stamping Facebook Live below!