Lace Painted Planter and Other DIY Projects!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Occasionally I find myself in a creative rut. I just can't come up with ideas! If you are like me, you look elsewhere to find project inspiration. Even if you consider yourself a crafting connoisseur, you should definitely check out all of the DIY books from Abrams. All of their books can help spark some new project ideas and get you back on the crafting train!

Since I am now a homeowner, and have a yard of my own, I picked up Handmade for the Garden. I also grabbed P.S. I Made This. Let me just tell you, both of these books are full of amazing DIYs!

Let's take a look inside both books!

First up: Handmade for the Garden

I was thumbing through Handmade for the Garden and found myself totally inspired! This book has so many outdoor DIY projects ranging from cement planters to a garden hose planter!

I was inspired by one of the DIY planters that was wrapped in lace and then painted white. I loved the rustic look and decided to give it a try myself.

Since I didn't have a thick piece of lace on hand, I went ahead and did two rows of a thinner lace. I finished my pot with two layers of white paint. If you want to add another element of design to your pot, your could take a piece of sandpaper and rough up the edges to give it even more of a rustic look!

Another book I fell in love with was P.S. I Made This. If you love fashion, you NEED this book! There are so many on-trend projects in this book that show you how to get the look for much less. This is right up my alley!

Make a fringe necklace out of trim!

Make your own military inspired statement earrings!

String all of your rings onto a piece of cord to create an instant statement necklace!