Kid's Pineapple Handprint Art Project

Posted by Stacey Gibbon
Create a one-of-a-kind piece handprint art project with your child that is perfect as decor or as a gift.

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Hi friends! I'm so excited to be sharing my FIRST contributor post with you all today!!! One of the things I love doing the most with my son, is handprint art. I just love the sweet keepsakes we make together and it's like instant decor for our house on the cheap. And since handprint artwork is one of the most classic, beloved gifts of all time - every mother, father, grandparent or even close friend, will love the gesture of it. Best of all – you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a one-of-a-kind piece either!

Pineapple prints seem to be the latest craze this season and because of that, it inspired today's Handprint Pineapple Keepsake. It's super cute and since you already have the most important part of making this keepsake – a hand – it’s going to be a cinch for you to pull it together!

So what are you waiting for? Grab those supplies and get to work on making your very own special Handprint Pineapple Keepsake piece with your child today! Happy crafting!!!

Here's what'll you need:

* Large Canvas
* Yellow Paint
* Brown Paint
* Green Paint
* Light Green Paint
* Paint Brushes
* Paper Plate
* Baby Wipes

Let's get crafty!

* First you will want to paint the bottom of the pineapple first {this will make it easier to place the handprints} To do this, simply paint a yellow oval in the center of the canvas.
* Now you are ready for the handprints. We did a mixture of two shades of green and three handprints total for our pineapple leaves but you are welcome to change that up however you like. Simply paint your child's hands and press them down on the canvas, near the top of the yellow oval.
* To finish off the Handprint Pineapple Keepsake - grab your brown paint and have children add some fingerprints to the yellow portion, to give the pineapple some dimension.
* Once done, let it all dry completely before displaying proudly!