Kid's Craft: DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Bookmark

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Learn how to make a goofy looking turkey bookmark. This little fellow will keep your fall reads in check.

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We're already strong into the school year and the pile of books your kids need or want to read is increasing. Why have a dull store bought bookmark when you can keep your pages in check with this goofy looking turkey bookmark kids can easily make by themselves.

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  • Brown origami paper BC00128051
  • Yellow construction paper BC00070957
  • Orange construction paper
  • Decorative scissors BC00010409
  • Scissors BC00088416
  • Wiggle eyes stickers BC00022227
  • Black marker
  • Glue BC00026019

Fold the origami paper diagonally. Have the white part of the paper facing you.

Fold into a triangle, colored paper on the outside.

Grab hold of the top of the triangle (top layer only) and fold it towards the bottom of the triangle. You should see a white square withing your triangle now.

Now fold the left corner of the triangle towards the bottom middle of the triangle. Crease and unfold.

Do the same with the right side of the triangle.

Grab hold of the left corner again only this time fold it towards the top. Crease well.

Now tuck that corner into the pocket.

Do the same with the other corner. You have yourself a basic bookmark now that is ready to be decorated.

Time to do some cutting. Let's start with making the beak, make a small triangle by cutting of a corner out of the yellow construction paper. Next cut two turkey feet out of orange construction paper. Lastly cut a bunch of feathers in different sizes out of orange and yellow construction paper. You can use regular scissors but we loved the wavy effect of decorative scissos.

Stick on two wiggle eyes stickers, glue on legs and beak (also draw two nostrils with a marker). Glue the feathers on the inside, start with the largest feather in the middle and work your way to the sides.

Once the glue dries (we don't want the bookmark to stick onto a book page) your turkey bookmark is ready to venture into your favorite book.