Jewelry Rescue! How to Fix a Broken Necklace

Posted by Meghan Quinones
If you have a jewelry with a tarnished chain or some broken beads, don't throw it away! Learn how to fix a broken necklace.

When it comes to jewelry, I am pretty sure every female has a favorite piece the like to wear. Sometimes you find a bracelet or necklace that fits your style perfectly, so you tend to wear that piece all of the time. With constant wear comes some possible "tear." This was the case with Emily's beloved yellow statement necklace.

Emily's go-to necklace was her bright Yellow Confetti necklace she had purchased from Anthropologie. This was her necklace. She would wear it all of the time and every single time she had it on, someone would tell her how much they loved the color and the style of the necklace. Emily headed out of town for a wedding and, of course, packed Yellow Confetti. When she arrived home from her weekend of fun, she noticed her necklace had somehow got into a bit of a tangle with some clear nail polish and lost. She thought her beloved necklace was ruined and began planning the memorial service for good ol' Yellow Confetti, until I told her it could be saved. Her plans came to a screeching halt as we began to work on Yellow Confetti's resurrection from sad and drab to fantastically fab!

Since Emily had worn Yellow Confetti for quite a few years, the chain was pretty tarnished (it also got a taste of her clear nail polish). The first thing I did to bring her necklace back to life was replace the chain with a new one. This is one of the easiest necklace fixes you can do if you own a necklace that is old and tarnished. After the chain was replaced, I began to remove the beads that were damaged from the nail polish. Emily was lucky her necklace was full of bead clusters, which made it way easier to remove the damaged beads and shift other beads around without making her necklace look sparse.

You can see the chain on Emily's necklace was pretty tarnished from from years of wear.

Here you can see some of the beads that were damaged from the nail polish.

Here'e what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

To start the necklace makeover, I removed all of the bead clusters from the chain by opening the eyepins and sliding them off the chain. I kept all of the clusters in order so I would know how to put them back on the chain.

I then started removing all of the damaged beads from the bead clusters. I also went through and took off some nice beads to replace the damaged ones. I tried to pull beads randomly from other beads clusters so it wouldn't be obvious they were missing. Once I had all of the new beads, I started filling in the empty spaces where the damaged beads were.

I opened a jump ring, slid it on the end of my chain, added my clasp, and then closed the jump ring with my pliers.

To get the proper chain length, I placed the new chain up against the old chain. I cut the new chain where the clasp of the old chain started. Once the chain was cut, I added a jump ring (for the clasp to latch on to).

I found the center of the chain and the center of the bead cluster. I opened the eyepins at the top and slid them through the chain.

I counted 8 chain links and then added my next bead cluster. This was to make sure all of the bead clusters were evenly spaced out. I did this until all of the bead clusters had been added to the new chain.

You can see the necklace before and after the makeover. Yellow Confetti has been given even more years of wear (as long as Emily keeps the nail polish away from it!).