How to Use Wooden Spoons for Crafts: Create a Unique Flower Wreath

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Did you know that you can use wooden spoons for crafts? Create a unique DIY flower wreath using this sneaky supply.

I saw these wood party spoons for sale on Blitsy and at first I was going to order them for my girls' upcoming birthday party. But then, I thought I could make something with them! Here's how I made my Wood Spoon Flower Wreath!

Here's What You'll Need

  • 1 pack 6.5-inch Wood Party Spoons (pack of 25)
  • 1 pack 3.75 Wood Dessert Spoons (pack of 25)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paper String (I used Tim Holtz Idea-ology Paper String- Stripes)
  • Jute twine (you could also use help twine, yarn, baker's twine, or butcher's twine)
  • Wreath form

Cut off the handle of a large spoon, leaving about 1/2 an inch. Use scissors that are strong but you don't really care about messing them up ;). Do this with six large spoons, and with six small spoons, to make one of the smaller flowers. And save the handles you've cut off for another craft! I'm still mulling over what I'll be making with them!

Hot glue the large spoons together in a circle, overlapping at the 1/2 inch handle.

Repeat with the small spoons, lining them up in between the large spoons. I glued two spoons across from each other, then another pair of spoons, then another, so the edges of the handles are lined up.

Now to prepare the middle of the flower. I basically made a tassel with some striped paper twine (I chose paper because it's stiff but any kind should work). 1. Wrap the twine around two fingers about 10 times. 2. Slip off the twine and cut a short length of twine. Wrap it around about 1/3 of the way down and tie a tight knot. 3. Trim off the opposite end so you have a tassel. 4. Squish down the curved end so it's flat. This will be the base, so what you'll have is an upside down tassel.

Add some hot glue to the squished part of the tassel and glue it in the middle of the flower. Fluff up the tassel ends so they look like flower stamens. And that's pretty much it for the small flower! Make another one for a pair.

To make a large flower, repeat the above except you'll cut six more large spoons and glue them to the bottom, lining them up in between the first layer of large spoons.

Now, get your wreath form ready. You can use anything - yarn, fabric strips, ribbon - but I wanted a more natural feel to go with my spoons. So I picked some green jute twine. Start out by tying a knot on the wreath form, leaving a tail at the end. Then, just wrap your ball of twine tightly around and around the wreath form until you go all the way around to the beginning. Tie a knot with your beginning tail. You can leave a tail in the same length for hanging.

Last step is to hot glue the flowers to the wreath form. I put them along the bottom with the large one in the middle.

I love the natural look of the wood, but you can paint them in any color, too!