How to Use the June Tailor Charming Circles Ruler

Posted by Brenna
The June Tailor Charming Circles Ruler is easy to use and there are tons of project possibilities.

I'm always excited to try out new quilting things, and I loved trying out the Charming Circles ruler. Using some old jeans and charm squares I was able to quickly put together this little sampler. It's a great way to make a quilt, and the ruler even comes with the with the info you need to make different size quilts. It isn't just for quilts though - you can also makes a very cute shabby chic purse or pillow.


  • Charming Circles Ruler
  • denim material
  • charm squares or fabric to cut into 5" squares
  • basting spray or pins
  • iron
  • spray starch
  • sewing machine
  • basic sewing supplies

To Make:

Start by cutting out your fabric. The ruler comes with instructions on how to make their featured project and the amount of fabric you will need.

Cut your denim using the outer circle as you guide and the inside guide for cutting squares from your cotton fabric (if not using charm squares.)

Once your pieces are cut, lay them with the wrong sides together. You can use basting spray or pin your two pieces together. I definitely recommend basting spray, it makes it so much easier.

Lay two circles with the right sides together. Make sure your squares match up on each side and sew just along the edge of the square.

Open up your seam allowance and press. Spray starch will help your seams to lay nice and flat.

When you have your rows completed, line up each row matching the circles. Sew again along the edge of your squares.

Again, press your seams open. When you are finished with your quilt, fold the edges of your quilt in and press down.

Quilt 1/4" from the edge, along all sides that have a raw edge.

Wash and dry to get that wonderful frayed edge.

I love how this little quilt sampler turned out and the look of the denim with the cotton. I think it would make an awesome picnic blanket or a playmat for a child. I can't wait to collect enough pairs of old jeans to make a huge blanket with this ruler.