How to Turn Your Wood Veneers Into Stamps

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Did you know that you can turn your favorite wood veneers into stamps? You won't believe how easy this DIY is.

As crafters, we are always trying to get more bang for our buck when it comes to reusing our crafting supplies. If we purchase a crafting supply, we can usually come up with a few other project ideas to incorporate said craft supply. We come up with multiple uses for our crafting supplies usually to justify (to our significant others) why we need all of the supplies we accumulate throughout the year. I am going to show another fun use for wood veneers that will not only maximize your stamp collection, but also justify why you have collected so many of them!

Stamps can get pricy, especially if you see multiple designs you are drawn to and can not make up your mind and select just one. You may also be in love with multiple stamp collections, but once again, are unable to make up your mind and select just one. It's time to stop agonizing over which stamp/collection to choose and start using up the extra wood veneer shapes you already have in your stash!

Wood veneers come in so many sizes, shapes, and designs. It's hard to think of a time when these cute little wood cutouts did not exist since they have become such a staple in the papercrafting world. Wood veneers can add a unique element to projects and provide a touch of dimension. When using wood veneers, I typically have a few left over from completed projects. I usually end up just throwing the extras back into my stash to use for another project down the road.

This time around, instead of incorporating my wood veneers into another project, I decided to try and turn them into stamps! That's right, stamps! I grabbed some wooden cubes I had and used them to create the base for my wood veneer stamps. It took me only a few seconds to transform my wood veneers into reusable stamps! Just think of all the fun stamps you can add to your collection by using up all of the extra wood veneer shapes you have. The wood grain gives the stamp a vintage, weathered look, which I love!

As a quick note, the ink will dye your wood, however, after the ink dries, you can dip your wood veneer stamp into a different color of ink to keep the fun going!

Have you ever used your wood veneers for something other than an embellishment? Have you turned them into a stamp before? Let me know your thoughts!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Wood Veneers
  • Wooden Cube
  • Adhesive

Let's get crafty!