How to Sew a DIY Coupon Wallet With Kraft-Tex

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Kraft-Tex is a papery but durable material that can be treated like fabric. Learn how to use it to sew your own DIY coupon wallet.

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One of my many New Year's Resolutions is to be more organized and to save money. So I'm taming my coupons and receipts in my overflowing purse this year with my DIY Coupon and Receipt Wallet!

Here's What You'll Need

Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric

Wonder Clips

8.5x8.5-inch Square quilting ruler

Rotary cutter

Self-healing mat

2-inch circle punch

Sewing machine and thread

Pinking shears

Heat n Bond Ultra

My Favorite Things "I Knead You" dies and stamps

Die cutting machine (I used a Cuttlebug)

Acrylic stamp block

Colorbox Premium Stamp Ink

Letter stamps

Jelly Roll/Fat Quarter

Let's Get Crafty!

Before we get started, here's a little bit about Kraft-Tex, in case you haven't used it before. Kraft-Tex is a material made of paper, but it's durable, almost like leather, and you can sew it, embellish it with inks, and even wash it. Even though it's made of paper, you can't tear it. But, you can cut it with scissors or even a die cutter. Many use Kraft-Tex as a vegan alternative to leather. It's available in several earth tones on in a small roll for you to try out, as well as big rolls when you want to use a lot.

You can make your wallet in any size to fit your purse. Mine will be 4.25x8.5 inches when folded, so cut out an 8.5x8.5-inch square of Kraft-Tex. Then cut the two pockets, 3x8.5 inches each.

Cut a little notch in each pocket to make it easy to retrieve your coupons and receipts. Mark the center of the pocket. I used my circle cutter, but I only inserted the material in about 1/3 of the way, centered on my mark.

At this point, you can go two ways. You can either fold the square piece in half and begin embellishing it, then sew on the pockets. Or, you can sew the pockets and then embellish. If you plan to do a lot of stitching in your embellishments, you should embellish first, so you don't sew over your pockets on the inside. I decided to sew my pockets on first. It's up to you! So to sew on the pockets, line them up across from each other with the circle cut-outs facing each other. Then, secure with Wonder Clips. You do not want to use pins with Kraft-Tex, as you'll leave pin holes, just as you would if pinning a piece of paper.

Stitch all around the perimeter of the square, sewing down the pockets, with about a 1/8-inch seam allowance. I used a contrasting thread. You may want to practice stitching on a scrap piece of Kraft-Tex first, to see if you need to adjust your machine's tension, and to see what stitch length looks nice. One thing to note when you sew with Kraft-Tex is the holes you make with the sewing machine needle will make permanent holes in the material. So, if you do need to undo any stitches, you'll want to try to sew into the same holes. So note your stitch length as well.

Fold the wallet in half. You're pretty much done with the wallet itself.

As mentioned, you could have embellished the wallet before sewing the pockets, or you can do it after. I'm embellishing after. I of course wanted to decorate mine with kitties, and these stamps look just like my Sherry. They come with matching dies, so first I fused some Heat n Bond to a piece of Kraft-Tex (just as I would with regular fabric), then ran it through my die cutter. It cut through very well (I had to use a piece of folded cardstock as a shim to give it some extra pressure).

I stamped my die shapes with their corresponding kitty stamp (front and back!).

I also applied Heat n Bond to a strip of Kraft-Tex that I trimmed with pinking shears and stamped with letters to spell out "coupons". I fused it to a strip of fabric, which I also fused to the wallet.

On the other side of the wallet, I repeated the whole process with the word "receipts" and the back of the kitty stamp. Then I sewed all around again just to add another line of stitching and to catch the side edges of the fabric.

All done! Here's a peek at the inside of my wallet with receipts on one side, and coupons on the other.

And here's a look at the outside, opened up, so you can see all of the embellishments.

Organization and frugality with a side of cute! I'm excited to sew more with Kraft-Tex. A new wallet or pouch for my purse may be in my future.

For more ideas using Kraft-Tex, you can pick up a copy of Kraft-Tex Style here on Blitsy! Happy Sewing.