How to Make Your Own Vintage-Style Home Decor

Posted by Lori Williams
Learn how to get vintage home decor without the steep price tag of the store-bought version. This DIY tutorial will teach you how to create a vintage-style birdcage.

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If you wander down any home decor aisle of a store you'll see all types of vintage objects ready to decorate your house, but you'll also see a steep price tag. Today I'll show you how simple it is to create your own rustic vintage birdcage and for not a lot of money. Plus you'll be able to brag that you made it.

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  • Prima Marketing Frameworks metal birdcage rust
  • Prima Iron Orchid Designs Vintage Art Decor Mould -Baroque #6
  • Prima Iron Orchid Designs Paper Clay
  • Prima Finnabair Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint - Opal Magic Pink/Blue
  • Prima Finnabair Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint - Metallique Dark Velvet
  • Prima Marketing Christine Adolph Adhesive Rub-Ons - Hope Words
  • Prima Marketing Finnabair Brush Set - 7 pieces
  • Salvage District Collection Kit 12" x 12"
  • Salvage District Flowers - Trianon
  • Art Institute Glitter Designer Clear Adhesive - 2oz
  • Elmer's - Enhanced Safety Hot Glue Guns - High Temp - Full Size, 40W
  • Art Institute Glitter Ultrafine Transparent Glitter - Fauna
  • Reindeer Moss 2oz-Moss Green
  • Sponge Pack 25/Pkg
  • May Arts Ribbon

Open your paper clay and mould.

Press your paper clay down into the mold being sure to fill in all the detailed areas.

Carefully pop the molded clay out and set it. Be sure you like the way it looks, no cracks or dimples. If you need to remold at this point you can.

Lay your piece over the base of the birdcage and allow to dry. Know there is going to be a bit of shrinkage so this will help it to stay formed and have the right arch.

Pry the little tabs open on the back of the birdcage and remove the back panel.

Trace the shape of the back panel and cut out, then glue down with Dries Clear Glue.

Paint in some of the images of the paper with the pink arylic paint.

Meanwhile your molded paper should be dry, attach to the front of the birdcage with a hot glue gun and pain the base with the velvet paint.

Next sponge just the highlights of the mold with the pink paint. This is really going to help all the detail and texture stand out.

Add some of Prima's beautiful flowers randomly to the birdcage.

Glue down some moss to the inside of the birdcage and nestle the little metal bird that comes with the birdcage down into the moss. All of this will do better with hot glue.

Going back to your back panel, rub on some of the adhesive words from Prima. I picked Faith, Hope and Love but you can choose whatever you desire.

Cover the adhesive words with fine glitter and then shake off the excess.

Place the back panel back on the birdcage and push down the tabs to hold it in place. Add a little bit of ribbon to the top for an extra pop and you're ready to decorate your favorite keepsake shelf.

Here are some different views of the completed birdcage. I hope you've enjoyed this and are ready to make your own vintage décor.