How to Make Your Own Pom-Pom Party Hats

Posted by Natalie Wright
Throwing a party? You can make your very own pom pom-topped party hats in just a few minutes.

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Hello, friends! I have a fun little tutorial with my FAVORITE new tool! It's the We R Memory Keepers Pom-Pom Maker, and I am seriously putting pom-pom's on EVERYTHING. Ha! It's actually a really fun way to dress up parties, home decor, and gifts too!

To make your own lovely pom-poms, you need just a few basic and inexpensive supplies.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • We R Memory Keepers Pom-Pom Maker BL520133
  • Yarn BL323056
  • Cardstock - Patterned or Solid
  • Hot Glue Gun BL197745
  • Glue Sticks BL406983
  • Scissors

To make pom-poms, first open up your pom-pom maker, and wrap yarn tightly around tool starting from one end, and working your way to the other side. Extend the tool arms as wide as you can while working.

When you are done wrapping your yarn, close the pom-pom tool arms so the tool like like a circle. Use scissors to trim the yarn all the way around. Take a 6" piece of yarn and tie it tightly around the tool center, knotting your pom-pom in the middle.

After you have trimmed your yarn and tied the pom-pom together, you can now slowly open up your tool, and pop off the edges. A perfectly shaped ball should pop right out!

If your yarn has a lot of loose pieces, or pieces that are too long, just use your scissors to trim it so it looks symetrical all the way around.

Last step! Use your hot glue gun and glue sticks to adhere the pom-pom to the top of the hat. You can use existing party hats, or just cut a half circle out of paper like I did, and hot glue it all together.

You can use the same color yarn for all of your party hats, or you can mix it up like I did! I have so much yarn lying around, it was great to have an excuse to use it! And I can't wait to see out little guests wear these hats at a birthday party. In fact... three of my kids have birthdays coming up over the next few months. Crazy!

Looks like I better get back to work making more hats. ;)

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