How to Make Your Own Earrings With a Faux Patina Finish

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Learn how to make your own earrings with a beautiful faux patina finish.

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I love the look of patina on jewelry with its lovely greenish blue hue. If you are not familiar with patina, it is a thin layer of tarnish that forms on the surface of stone, copper, bronze and similar metals. Waiting for your jewelry to tarnish can take FOREVER, and the tarnish that forms typically has a smell to it. Who wants that??? I was on a mission to come up with a way to achieve the patina effect using a basic crafty supply, and avoid both the timing issue and smell. The solution to these patina woes? Green paint!

When the idea of using green paint came to mind, I wasn't really sure it would actually work. I painted a couple of different metal finishes with my green paint and found that the Vintaj brass findings worked/looked the best! It was a match made in heaven! And there you have it, earrings that have the look of patina, but not the smell!

These were super fun (and easy) to make. I may have to "patina" everything brass I can get my hands on!

Have you ever added patina to anything?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vintaj Metal Accents 2/Pkg-Alchemy 44mmX24mm
  • 2 Brass Earwires
  • Green Acrylic Paint (or you could buy the Vintaj Patina that comes in so many pretty colors!)
  • Paint Brush
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Paper Cup
  • Craft Mat (or Paper Plate)

Let's get crafty!

Pour 3 drops of paint into your cup. Then pour 3 drops of water into your cup. Mix the paint and water together. You want your paint to be watered down.

Paint over both of your earrings completely covering them. Let your earrings dry.

Grab your earwires and pliers. Take your pliers and open the loop at the bottom of your earwires.

Take the open loop of your earwire and put it through the top loop of your earring drop going from the unpainted side through to the painted side. Then, take your pliers to close the loop of your earwire. That's it! Your faux patina earring are ready to go!