How to Make Trail Mix Treat Boxes

Posted by Natalie Wright
Use clear cupcakes boxes to gift a healthy treat this fall! This DIY tutorial shows you how to make trail mix treat boxes.

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Hi ya, crafty friends! Fall is in full swing, so let the bad eating begin! Ha! I thought it would be fun to see how you can dress up healthy snacks too, and this pretty little clear cupcake box is perfect for sharing healthy treats.

Supplies Needed | Shop the Post Below

  • Jen Hadfield Everyday Paper
  • Jen Hadfield Everyday Paper Tags
  • Clear Cupcake Boxes
  • Orange Twine
  • Sequin Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Runner

To get started, trim your patterned paper into two pieces. One 3"x12" inches, and another 3"x6". You will need one of each per box.

Adhere the two pieces together creating a 3"x18" piece. Wrap it around the clear cupcake box, and adhere it together. Do not adhere it to the box, just adhere the wrap together. You will need to slip it off to fill it.

Tie the orange twine around the box, and add the sequin ribbon.

Add the Jen Hadfield Homemade paper tags. They all have different phrases, so just pick your favorite one!

After you finish making your box wrap, carefully slide it off and fill your treat boxes. I filled mine with trail mix, but any fun healthy snacks or treats will do!

The fun thing about these wraps, is you can make as many as you want in advance, and fill them with goodies later. They only take a few minutes to make, and they sure were a big hit when I gave them out!

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Happy fall crafting!