How to Make Round Wire Earrings

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Make these subtly sparkling earrings in just minutes with wire and beads!

Love the understated look? Make your own earrings with a few beads and wire! This simple DIY jewelry project comes together in about ten minutes, making it an instant gratification craft!

Here's what you'll need:

  • 20 Gauge Wire
  • Artistic Wire Deluxe Thing-A-Ma-Jig
  • Flush Cutters
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • 1-Step Looping Tool
  • 2 Jewelry Head Pins
  • 2-4 Assorted Beads
  • 4 6mm Jump Rings
  • 2 Earring Wires

Begin by arranging the large mandrel and a small peg on the Thing-A-Ma-Jig as shown. Cut a 5" length of wire, and wrap it around the mandrel. Bend each end of the wire upward toward the peg, but do not wrap it around. The goal is simply to form a bend in the wire at the top of the circle.

Next, gently feed the wire end into your looping tool. Position the bend in the wire at the open side of the looper. Squeeze the pliers, which will trim the wire and create a smooth loop at at the top of the circle. Repeat this step on the other side of the wire so that you have two loops at the top.

To add a beaded charm to the center, thread 1-2 beads onto a jewelry head pin. Slip the pin into the looping tool and form a loop at the top.

Finally, assemble the earrings. Use one jump ring to connect both loops at the top of your wire circle, and also your beaded charm. Use a second jump ring to connect the earring wire to the first jump ring. Repeat the steps to make your second earring, and complete the pair!

Thanks for checking out today's quick DIY jewelry project! Happy crafting!

~ Adrianne