How to Make Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Love DIY jewelry? New beaders and veterans alike will enjoy making easy memory wire bracelets!

This memory wire beaded bracelet is a fun DIY jewelry piece both for beginner beaders and for veterans alike! Choose your favorite beads and thread them onto memory wire coils for an instant, colorful accessory. Today's post will give you tips for choosing beads and for finishing the ends of memory wire bracelets smoothly for a boutique look!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Oval Memory Wire
  • Memory Wire End Caps
  • Super Glue
  • Your Favorite Beads! Used here:
    • Mill Hill Glass Pebble Beads - Amethyst
    • Mill Hill Glass Pebble Beads - Black Forest
    • Size 6/0 Purple Seed Beads
    • Size 6/0 Gunmetal Seed Beads
    • 6mm Silver Spacer Beads
    • 4mm Gunmetal Bicone Beads
    • 6mm Purple Faceted Rondelle Beads

Begin by cutting 4 coils of memory wire with memory wire shears, which make easy work of this specially hardened wire. On one end of the wire, add a drop of super glue, and glue an end cap on. Allow the glue to dry until it holds the end cap in place before continuing. These end caps are a simple component that will give your bracelet a professionally finished look.

Begin stringing your beads! Try to vary the sizes, finishes, and shapes of the beads you select. Use all one color, or choose complementary colors. This pattern consists of 6 beads followed by a silver spacer bead.

For a great effect, try to fill an entire coil with similarly colored beads. Vary the sizes and textures of the beads, and separate groups of beads with silver spacers. Finish the other end of the wire with a second glue-on memory wire end cap after filling the coils.

Each combination of beads will give you an entirely different look! Since this is a great project for beginning beaders and it doesn't require a lot of tools, this is a perfect project for a girls' craft night or other group craft opportunity. Thanks for joining me for today's quick DIY jewelry project and I'll see you guys again soon!

~ Adrianne