How to Make Flocked Chicks for Spring

Posted by Morena Hockley

Are you ready for spring?

I know I am! This fun project is great for Easter or spring decor, and fun for adults and kids to make. With a few supplies from Blitsy you can easily make cute flocked chicks to decorate your home with.


Large Styrofoam Egg

Styrofoam Rings

Chalky Finish Paint

Martha Stewart Flocking Powder

Mod Podge or glue

Green Yarn

Metal Sheet (for the beak)

Paint the egg with Chalky Finish Paint.

Paint a section of the painted egg with Mod Podge. Sprinkle the flocking powder on. Repeat this until the entire surface has been covered. I covered my egg twice to give it a thick flocked appearance.

Wrap the styrofoam ring with green yarn to make a grassy "nest" for the chick to sit in.

Now you can have fun embellishing your flocked chick! I made a tiny glittered crown out of card stock. I used glossy paint to make the eyes, and made a cone out of a bit of metal sheet to create a beak. I used a bit of glue to add all these items to the chick. Once everything is dry, simply place the chick in the "grass". Have fun crafting and creating for spring!