How to Make Fancy Paper Book Covers

Posted by Lori Williams
Here's a great tutorial on how to cover your text books.

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Who didn't cover their text books with brown paper bags when they were kids? I sure did. It was a great way to protect your books throughout the whole school year. I want to show you how to take that up a notch with Graphic 45's DIY paper. It will certainly make your student or you want to pick up your books and start reading. Plus they'll look beautiful on your shelves when they are just laying around.

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  • Graphic 45 Staples DIY Craft Paper - Typography & Type Numbers
  • Xyron 3" Disposable Sticker Maker - 3"X20" Permanent
  • Graphic 45 Staples Policy Envelopes - Regular Black
  • Kaisercraft Mini Paper Blooms Flowers With Wire Stems - Fire Red
  • Cheery Lynn Designs Die - Judy's Blooms, 3.25" x 2.625
  • Graphic 45 12" x 12" Deluxe Collector's Edition Pack - ABC Primer

Gather together some craft paper from Graphic 45 and of course you book and get ready to fold

Lay your paper out and then open your book and mark the top with a pencil where the books edge is.

Fold your paper over on the line and be sure to give it a good crease.

Repeat what you did on the other side of the book. Use a pencil and draw a line across the bottom of the book marking the edge. Be sure to line the top of the cover up to the top of the book.

Your cover should fit the size of your book perfectly from top to bottom now.

Slip the top flap of your book into the little pocket that has formed from folding over the top and the bottom of the craft paper.

Now do the same thing on the other side, but you'll need to cut off a long tail of excess if you have one. Depending on the size of your book and the thickness of it, you might or might not have a lot of excess. Slip the flap in.

Here is how the covered book looks. Pretty cute just with the paper, but I think it needs to be bumped up one more level.

Run some ribbon through a Xyron Sticker Maker and make a ribbon sticker.

Wrap the ribbon around the book at the bottom. Add some embellishments like the Graphic 45 envelopes and some handmade paper flowers and leaves. You could add all kinds of trinkets, be creative.