How To Make an Instagram Album

Posted by Roxanne O'Brien
Learn how to create mini Instagram album featuring a lot of fun embellishments, papers, and more.

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I'm going to be showing you my process for creating this fab little mini album! Grab your favorite drink and we will dive on in to everything. You'll see why I adore mini albums. How else can you get your photos into an album in an adorable way in just one day?

Supplies Used

My first step is usually to choose the photos I'd like to use. But in this case, I had seen this adorable 4x4 mini album and fell in love with the mini size and color. I immediately thought that our recent family photo session would be perfect to use with this album. It matches one of the colors that we wore! It was a must have.

I gathered all my supplies I wanted to use. I love having everything match and at my fingertips when I'm creating. So, here are all my supplies that I chose. As you can see, I pulled in a lot of fun elements that coordinated like the wood veneer pieces, letter sticks, and chipboard shapes.

Since I was a graphic designer, I always go to my design programs when I need something done! I set up a 7"x5" page size in Adobe InDesign to place my images into. Then I set up a 4"x4" image box and inserted each photo I wanted to use into that on separate pages for each photo. I gave the document a 1/4" border all the way around. I think it gives a really nice finished look to the images especially when they're on top of patterned paper. If you will notice, I set the photos to be placed flush left with the 1/4" white border on the left. This way, I only have one trim to make when they're finished.

After I placed each image, I exported each as a jpeg file. Then I'm able to upload each jpeg to my retailer and order prints. Once they're finished, I can make one final trim and I end up with 4"x4" photos ready to use in my album!

Probably the easiest step! I simply trimmed all my photos to 4"x4". I sorted them in the order I wanted them to appear in the album and set aside.

Here's the fun part - CREATING! I chose to start the album off with a title page of sorts. The album comes with full 4x4 page protectors and these little pocket pages of four sectioned squares. They're just a bit smaller than 2" square each. I thought this would be perfect to stamp 2015; one number per square. I chose to use different cards from the Teresa Collins Albums Made Easy kit and Teresa Collin's Blessed 6x6 Paper Pad. Pretty, subtle background papers are ideal for this stamped quad. I simply stamped the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 5 with grey ink onto each of the square shapes I had cut and round cornered. I added a pretty little pennant element to the one with some simple pearls to the top. Above you will see both the front and back of the little inserts. The little wood anchor is just too cute!

I knew I was going to need more page protectors than what had come with the album, so I ordered a package of the 4x4 Waterfall Pages. They are actually designed to be used in a different way, but I had an idea to make them work for this album of mine.

The edges are a thinner plastic, so I wanted to reinforce that by adding two small strips of patterned paper from the Teresa Collins Blessed 6x6 Paper Pad. I trimmed them down to about 1/2"x4-3/8" and glued them to either side of the edge of the waterfall page. For a guide, I used one of the plastic page protectors that had come with the album, laid that over the edge/patterned paper, and drew lightly over them to mark where I would punch the holes. I then took my hole punch and punched two holes. This worked out really well!

Here is a breakdown to show you each page in the album, both front and back. I used a lot of the cards from the Albums Made Easy kit and the 6x6 Paper Pad. I cut some of them apart to fit the smaller sectioned page protectors. It's a nice pause between photo pages, and enables you to add a lot of fun style, texture, and embellishment with ease. You can certainly add more white space for journaling if you wish, but I wanted to really showcase our family photo session. It is one of my most favorites. The photos were actually done by a talented photographer (Betsy Davis Photography) whom I met in an online Facebook group, and I realized we lived pretty close to each other! We decided that we would swap family sessions (yes, I'm also a photographer). I found out she was moving out of state, so we quickly set up our photo session dates for each of us, and we both loved the outcome of our sessions. So my "blessed" album is both me being thankful for my family and beautiful friends in the business who can capture my crazy clan!

For the nameplate on the side of this little album, I took the paper template that was included with it and used that as a guide. I placed it over a section of patterned paper and cut it out to match the size. From another paper, I cut out the FAMILY. wording and glued that to the top. It perfectly titles my album. And I'll know what is inside simply because of the color I chose! I know that it matches our clothing for that session. This mini is complete!