How to Make an Easy Boho Beaded Bracelet

Posted by Adrianne Surian
This boho-style beaded bracelet is as simple to make as cutting and using glue! There are no special tools or expensive components necessary, making this a great project for beginners.

I have always loved the layered look! (I was a child of the 80's, after all.) Layered pieces make a big impact without big techniques - to make today's bracelet, all we're going to do is cut, glue, and string a few beads! This is a perfect beginner project because it doesn't require a lot of expensive tools or supplies, and it only takes about 30 minutes. The finished piece has an earthy, boho feel to it, which is a great look for fall!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Prima Waxed Linen Cord - shown here in Blue Moon and Taupe colors
  • End caps - 5mm hole
  • Size 6/0 seed beads - shown here in the Ocean mix and Nuggets mix
  • Scissors
  • Glue

I used a 5mm hole glue-on end cap with the hinged clasp attached from a variety pack of end caps. The cap size will determine how many strands of waxed linen that you will use in the project; if you use a 5mm size cap like I am, you will want approximately 16 strands of waxed linen cord. This makes a really nice size bracelet, but you can make adjustment for fewer (or more!) strands by starting with a smaller or larger end cap.

Cut your cords to a length of 10-12 inches. We will trim it down at the end, but as you work, your piece will come together more easily if you have some excess length to work with. Today I'm using 8 strands of brown and 8 strands of blue cord. Squeeze a small amount of jewelry glue (super glue works well also - anything that can bond metal and fibers) into the end cap, and insert the cords. Hold them in place until the glue sets. This should only take a minute! Glue designed for jewelry use is fast-drying.

When your cords are secure in the end cap, you can begin stringing beads. Because you're adding so many layers, you don't have to add many beads to each strand. For this bracelet, I only strung 10-12 beads on each cord, but because they lay together, it's a full look, without using many beads. You don't need to string them in a pattern! A random mix is perfect for this design.

As you string the beads, you may find that the end of your cord begins to unravel a little. If this happens, cut a short length off the fraying end. This is why it's helpful to begin with longer cords.

When each cord has 10-12 beads, lay the bracelet out and measure 7 inches from the other end cap. Your end caps will add about a half inch of length, and a 7.5 inch bracelet fits the average woman's wrist. If your wrist is larger or smaller, then you can make adjustments to the length at this point! Gather the cords together tightly and cut them off. The the second end cap on to finish your bracelet.

As you wear the bracelet, the beads do move and shift. It's a fun effect, making your bracelet just a little bit different all day long!

Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you love this beginner's jewelry project as much as I do! Happy Crafting!

~ Adrianne