How To Make An Art Journal Page With Shiva Artist's Paintstiks

Posted by Kim Dellow
See how to add color to your mixed media projects using Shiva Artist's Paintstiks.

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Hi, it's Kim Dellow here and for my share with you today I am going to be using the Shiva Artist's Paintstiks. Now if you haven't come across these sticks before they are highly pigmented, oil-based, artist-quality paint in a stick form. The great thing about them is that they dry in around 24 hours, perhaps longer if you have a thick layer. They are often used by textile artists to add color to fabrics and fabric-based projects. I'm not going to use fabric for my project: I am going to use the Paintstiks for a paper-based mixed media project to add a bit of iridescent shine to a textured art journal page.

I've used one of my junk journals for this piece today. If you want to learn more about my junk journals, then do pop on over to my blog post about reusing old flyers. But do not worry, if you do not have a junk journal, just use a journal like the Strathmore Mixed-Media Visual Journals instead. If you are using an art journal, skip the first step as you will not need a layer of gesso on first. Or you could instead glue torn book pages on the page with gel medium then add a layer of gesso over the top once the medium has dried if you wanted the extra texture in the background.

Here Is What You Will Need:

  • Shiva Iridescent Artist's Paintstiks 12 Pack - Assorted Colors (I used Iridescent silver and Iridescent Pink)
  • DecoArt - Media Modeling Paste - Black
  • The Crafter's Workshop 12" x 12" Template - Sweet Posey
  • Liquitex Gesso, 8oz
  • Golden - Regular Gel - Gloss
  • Junk Journal or a Strathmore Mixed-Media Visual Journals - 5.5" x 8"
  • Scissors
  • Palette knife
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens Assorted 3/Pkg - Black
  • Plastic card
  • Kitchen towel or cloth

Let’s Make Shiva Artist's Paintstik Art!

[Optional] Cover your junk journal page with a layer of gesso, and cover a spare piece of the same paper with gesso. Use a plastic card to spread out the gesso then let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Place the stencil over the gessoed page, or fresh page in your art journal, and use a palette knife to apply the black modeling paste through the stencil. Remove the stencil and let the modeling paste dry. It may take a few hours to completely dry

Prepare the Paintstiks by peeling off the hard outer skin that develops if you haven't used them for a while or it is the first time you have used them. It is just dry paint.

Rub the Paintstik over the raised texture of the modeling paste to pick up the raised parts of the paste. Try to apply the color lightly at first and build it up; it is easier to add more if you need it than to take it away.

I started with the pink stick first then added silver in areas.

On the spare piece of paper use the pink stick to draw a heart shape then draw a border around it with the Sakura pen. Also write a sentiment and give it a border. Cut out both the heart and the sentiment.

When the page and heart are dry, stick the heart with the sentiment to the page with gel medium to finish.

I love all the texture in this page and the way the Paintstik just lifts the black and highlights the pattern. The best thing about it is that once the Paintstik is dry, it will not rub off onto the opposite page.

Kim Dellow