How to Make an Adorable Alligator Pencil Box

Posted by Morena Hockley
Stand out at school with this adorable DIY alligator pencil box!

One thing I love about crafting with unfinished wood is the nearly limitless possibilities! With some paint and a few fun additions, a simple box can be transformed to something fun and whimsical! I'm going to show you how to turn a plain wood supply box into a friendly pencil chomping alligator!


  • Multicraft Wood Pencil Holder
  • Wood doll heads (2)
  • Craft paint: Pink, green, white, yellow, and black
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint brushes

Use a pencil to draw the mouth of the alligator. Paint the mouth with two applications of pink paint.

Paint the rest of the box green. Be sure to remove the sliding lid and paint it separately, otherwise the paint will seal the box closed when it dries! Two applications of paint were enough to cover the wood completely.

Glue two wood doll heads together. Place a line of glue around the opening at the base of the doll head, and glue them together base to base. This will create the alligator's eyes. Paint the back half of the eyes green.

Use the white paint to finish the front of the eyes. Use a fine tipped brush to paint white triangles on the pink paint to create teeth for the gator.

Glue the wooden eyes onto the top of the box. They will rest on the frame of the box, not the sliding lid. Add black pupils to the eyes and add nostrils. Dip the end of a paintbrush in black paint, and dot it onto the wood.

Use yellow paint to add texture and color to the alligator's skin. Paint circles and ovals randomly on the green paint.

This fun alligator pencil box will look adorable on any desk! Not only will it help keep supplies organized, it might even make homework a little more fun. My daughter loves her new pencil box, and she doesn't even use it for pencils! It's full of little toys. Have fun crafting and creating with wood!