How To Make A Watercolor And Triplus Pen Journal Page

Posted by Kim Dellow
We all love color and this colorful journal page was made using watercolor paints and marker pens

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Hi, it’s Kim Dellow here to share with you a colorful journal page. This page uses a few different products, including Prima Marketing watercolors and Staedler Triplus finerliner, which is a very popular pen among adult coloring book fans. Stay with me, because I’m going to share with you a technique for using these pens to blend colors that will change the way you color!

​Here Is What You Will Need:

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen 20-Color SeT
  • Prima Watercolor Confections Watercolor Pans 12 Pack
  • Strathmore Visual Journal
  • Liquitex Gesso
  • Golden Gel Medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Stencil
  • Book pages

Let’s Make A Journal Page!

Start by gluing torn pieces of book pages on a journal page with the Golden gel and let it dry completely.

Cover the page with the clear Gesso and let that dry completely.

Add lines of the Prima watercolors in a rainbow down the page. When you have covered the page, hold it up and move it around to allow the excess water to drip slightly.

Don’t let the colors mix too much as you don’t want them to turn to brown, so don’t add too much water and try to control how it drips so that it does not travel too far down the page and only let colors that mix well together to intermingle.

Practice your color mixing with this palette before using it if you aren’t sure which colors to use.

While the watercolored background dries, work on the maker pen coloring. Cover a piece of Fabriano Accademia Artist paper with the Sweet Posey stencil.

Hold the lighter pen color upright and lightly touch the tip of the darker pen color to the lighter pen tip for a few seconds. The pens need to be vertical. Then scribble the light color pen through the stencil, working in one direction along the space.

As the blended light color pen scribbles on the paper, you will first see the darker ink color until it is all removed from the tip and the color reverts back to the lighter color. Practice on spare paper first so that you can work out how long to hold the tips together.

To clean the lighter pen, just scribble it out on spare paper until the original ink color returns.

Work from the center of the Sweet Posey stencil with the yellow Triplus marker towards the outside of the inner circle using the blended technique described in Step 4. Use yellow and pink and the pink with purple.

Cut out the colored image and scribble multiple circles in the black pen slightly bigger than the image on the background.

Add two more black scribble circles and some scribble text, then stick the colored image to the background.

I love how the bright colors of the Staedtler markers work with the Prima Marketing Tropicals watercolor paints to make a lovely and colorful journal page!

Kim Dellow