How to Make a Superhero Halloween Costume With a T-Shirt

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Do your children love superheroes? Learn how to make an adorable no-sew cape that they'll love to dress up in even after Halloween!

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Superheroes are very popular with kids these days. I mean, we all wanted to be a superhero at some point in our lives, right? You can take an old t-shirt you have and turn it into a personalized cape for the little superhero in your life. I made this cape for our Blitsy baby, Miles. It's a little big for him now, but he will grow into it!

With Halloween on the horizon, it's time to whip up this no-sew (easy-on-the-wallet) costume for your little one to wear! Trust me, once Halloween comes as goes, your little superhero will live on FOREVER! I have a feeling this DIY cape will make an appearance MANY more times.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A Men's T-Shirt (mine was a medium)
  • 2 Phoomph Packages (soft white)
  • Black, Yellow, and Red felt
  • Scissors
  • 3.6mm Black Elastic
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Plate (or some other large circle to trace)
  • Hole Punch

Let's Get Crafty!

Step 1: Cut your t-shirt up both sides.

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves. Then cut close to the collar. After you do that, fold your t-shirt in half and cut at an angle towards the collar. You will want about an inch of fabric closest to your collar. Continue cutting at an angle without cutting your collar.

Step 3: Peel the back off your Phoomph and stick it to your red felt. Next, trace your circle onto your Phoomph and cut it out. Then, peel the paper off the back and stick it to the center of your t-shirt.

Step 4: Trim any excess fabric around the collar that you may have missed.

Step 5: Cut a piece of Phoomph that is the same size as your circle. Stick it to your black felt. Cut out your letter and stick it on top of your circle.

Step 6: To add a little more super hero power, I added three yellow starts to my cape.

Step 7: After I made my cape, I felt like it was missing something. Uh, duh! It needed a mask! I drew half a mask on a piece of paper, traced it twice on top of my Phoomph. I cut my mask out, peeled off the back of my Phoomph, and added a piece of red felt.

Step 8: I cut out my mask and then cut out the eyes, using the one side as a template for the other.

Step 9: Next, I punched a hole on both sides of my mask. Then, measured my elastic, cut it, pushed it through the holes on my mask, tied 3 knots, and trimmed my excess elastic.