How To Make A Statement Necklace

Posted by Kim Dellow

I love big, colourful jewelry so when I spotted that Blitsy had some Phoomph and jewelry chains, an inkling of an idea came to me – fabric statement jewelry! If you haven’t used it already, Phoomph is a stabilising fabric that you can use to back your patterned fabric to help shape it. Phoomph is self-adhesive so it is ready to use and you don’t need to use an iron and Bondaweb or similar adhesive.

Here Is What You Will Need:

Fabric (various patterns and colours)

C&C Phoomph For Fabric 9x12 Stiff 1mm White

Metal Chain

Jewelry findings

Jump rings

Jewelry pliers

Vintaj 1.5mm Short Jaw Hole Punch Plier




Fabric glue (optional)

Let’s Make!

Cut a banner shape from a piece of card to use as a template. Mine was 6cm long and 1.7cm wide at the top and 2.2 cm wide at the bottom. I also made five separate templates, each was different and not perfectly symmetrical.

Draw around the templates on the Phoomph and cut them out.

Peel off one side of the cut-out Phoomph banner pieces and stick them to pieces of your chosen fabric.

Trim the fabric and cut a notch at the tip of the banner, then peel off the backing paper and fold over the fabric. Cover any of the exposed Phoomph with spare pieces of fabric.


You can use little spots of clear fabric glue on places you think might fray, but go easy on it, a little bit goes a long way.

Now that the banners are covered, you can use the Vintaj hole punch pliers to punch small holes in the tops, one on each side of the banner.

Then use the jewellery pliers to put jump rings in between each banner piece and add the necklace chain and fastenings.


Wire the banner pieces together then place it where you would want it to hang around your neck to measure how much chain you will need.

I went for simple banner shapes, but just think of the designs you can come up with to make a statement piece of jewellery. Happy fabric jewelry making!

Kim Dellow