How to Make a Mixed Media Tote Bag

Posted by Kim Dellow
Mixed media art projects don't have to be constrained to your art journal or canvases. Why not create a work of art on your tote bags?

Hi everyone, Kim Dellow here with a mixed media share. I just love playing with paint so when I spied the blank canvas bags in Blitsy, I knew it was time to get out the paints. I’ve used one of my own canvas totes but there are a few different blank natural Canvas totes to choose from in the shop, so have a look. There are also other colors of totes and bags, and you can always add a bespoke bit of art to these too if the fancy takes you!

Of course there are lots of different paints in Blitsy – I’ve used Liquitex Basics acrylics to add color to my bag – but there is nothing stopping you from using some of the other wonderful paints available.

Time to play and make some tote art!

Here Is What You Will Need:

Canvas Tote Bag 14"X4"X16"-Natural

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint 75ml 5/Pkg-Assorted Colors

Liquitex Acrylic Gesso Surface Prep - White, 4oz

Golden - Acrylic Gels - Regular Gel - Gloss 8oz

Derwent Graphik Line Marker - black


Old book pages


Plastic sheet or bag


Let’s Make Some Tote Art!

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit perfectly inside the tote and cover the cardboard with a plastic sheet or bag. Then slip the plastic-covered cardboard inside the tote bag to be painted. Now cover an area of the bag front with some gesso and let it dry.

Tear some old book pages into strips and stick three to the bottom left-hand corner and two to the top right-hand corner of your gesso-covered front with the Golden Regular Gel and let it dry. Then add some color, anyway you want! So I’ve mixed the Liquitex Basics with water and allowed the color to drip down the gesso front. Or I’ve covered the areas where I don’t want color to fall and flicked the paint on with a brush.

Just keep on adding color, feel free to make a good old mess (I mean, express yourself artistically) as you will be covering most of it up anyway! Use your brush, or a sponge or even your fingers to add more color! Then let it dry.

Once the paint is dry you can draw in your design using a pencil. I went for something simple like some stylized feathers, but the design can be anything you like.

Mix together some of the blue and white Liquitex Basics paints with a little bit of the gesso and start going around the border of your pencil drawing, filling in the background with your paint and gesso mix. Let it dry.

To add the finishing touches to your bag, go over the pencil sketch with the black Graphik Line Marker. Then cover any areas where you don’t want paint and flick the pen over the bag. Finish with a written sentiment around one of the designs.

Hope you enjoyed this tote-aly painty tutorial (did you see what I did there?) and don’t forget to link up any totes you paint over on the secret Blitsy Addicts Facebook page!

Thanks for popping in!

Kim Dellow