How to Make a Gorgeous Distress Crayon Stenciled Background

Posted by Dana Joy
Making a great background for your card panels can make them pop! Learn how to create a gorgeous background with Distress Crayons.

I love a great background for my card panels. It can make your card go from blah to FAB in a second. Using the new Distress Crayons and a stencil makes the magic happen!

For this technique you only need a few items. You will need some Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, a piece of watercolor paper, a water bottle or spritzer and a stencil. This techinque will only take a few minutes to acheive.

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  • Tim Holtz Distress Crayons - Set #1
  • Global Art Fluid Watercolor Paper Blocks Cold Press - 8" x 20"
  • Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Latticework
  • Imagine Crafts Empty Spray Bottle

So let's get started. I'm using watercolor paper for this technique as it helps me move the crayon color around. Start by layer down a few of your favorite colors. I used the Picked Raspberry and Twisted Citron for my background. You want to lay down a good layer of crayon. As you lay down each line of color, overlay the second color just a little bit. This will help with the blending.

Next comes the fun part. You are going to blend your colors together using the coolest tool you have in your craft room. Your FINGERS! Yup, best tools ever created. LOL You want to work the crayon into the paper. Rubbing hard will be required to really get the crayon to move and blend on the paper. Don't worry, neatness is not what we are looking for. Just let it flow anyway it wants. Trust me on this.

Once everything is blended the way you want, you will spritz some water onto the colored background. This will help blend the colors even further. You can pickup the paper and let it run down or just use your finger to gently move the crayon.

Now comes the exciting part. Use any stencil you have on hand. The design is totally up to you. Place the stencil over your background and use a baby wipe or wet paper towel to dab up some of the color through the stencil. The more you dab the color the lighter the color will become. This will give your background a really cool look.

Remove your stencil and you will have a really cool card panel for your next card. I curved my card panel, popped a sentiment on it and my bright and fun card was done. Think of the endless possibilities that you can make with this technique.