How to Make a Faux Druzy Necklace

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Make a faux sparkling druzy stone necklace (at a fraction of the cost) using glass glitter!

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I love stone jewelry, and druzy stones are hot right now. In nature, they're created when tiny crystals form over minerals, giving true druzy stones a glittery look. They aren't easily found, though, which means that druzy stones and beads can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, you can get nature's glittering look with large glass glitter - and, it's easy!


  • Brass Bezel
  • Coordinating Ball Chain
  • Iced Enamels Adhesive Medium
  • Iced Enamels German Glass Glitter (in Sky Blue)
  • Vintaj-Ranger Glaze (or Ice Resin)
  • Paintbrush
  • Heat Tool

Add a thin coat of adhesive medium to the bottom of your bezel (I've got a little more than I need here, but I'll be adding lots of glitter, so in the end it isn't too much).

Next, sprinkle a generous amount of glass glitter into the bezel. It helps to work over a sheet of paper, so that any spilled glitter can be poured back into the container.

Heat the glitter (and adhesive medium) for about 30 seconds with a heat tool. It's glass, so it won't melt like the other Iced Enamels inclusions, but it does speed up the curing time of the adhesive medium (if it begins to expand, move the heat tool slightly away). Allow it to cool, add a few more drops of adhesive medium to the bezel, and add another coat of glitter. Heat it again. Repeat this process until your bezel is filled - which was two layers, for me. Allow it to fully cool before moving on.

Now, add a few drops of glaze over the whole surface of your bezel. The Iced Enamels are designed to be used with Ice Resin, which is an excellent sealant! But for the small amount of sealant we need to finish this project, Ranger glaze works equally well with no waste and no mixing.

Allow the glaze to dry and set (I left mine overnight, though it may not need that long). As long as it's not still tacky, add a coordinating chain of your favorite length, and it's ready for wear! For larger pendants like this, I like a longer length chain of 26-32 inches, but for a more traditional length, you need as little as 18 inches of chain.

Happy crafting!