How to Make a Fall Canvas and Pom Pom Banner

Posted by Stephanie Chan
It's Fall! Learn how to make a festive canvas and pom pom banner using thread and yarn in the season's colors.

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Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my decor that shouts "FALL IS HERE YAY LEAVES PUMPKINS!" but I wanted something more subtle, but still fun and festive, to decorate our hallway. So I gathered some Fall-colored thread and yarn to make my Fall Canvas and Pom Pom Banner!

Here's What You'll Need

Canvas fabric

Cardstock and two round templates, 6" and 1" diameter

Fabric scissors

Water Soluble Fabric Pen

Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Lite Fusible Webbing

Iron and ironing board

Sewing machine and thread in different Fall colors

Clover 1 5/8" Pom Pom Maker

Red Heart Supersaver Yarn in Real Teal, Ranch Red, White, Tea Leaf, and Pumpkin


Tapestry needle

Let's Get Crafty

Trace a 6-inch circle using a template (I used an embroidery hoop) onto a piece of cardstock. Then, take a 1-inch round template (I used a thread spool) to create half circles around the circle. You don't have to do the little circles all around, just do a little bit over half.

Cut out the template, all around the half circles to form a scallop design. Then, cut the circle in half, so that the scallops are all on one half. Save the other plain half for later!

Trace the scallop half circle onto some canvas fabric, with the straight side along the fold. Cut out with fabric scissors, and press to keep the fold down the middle in place.

Use the plain half circle template to cut out a half circle of fusible webbing. The webbing serves several purposes: to give each banner some stiffness, to act as a stabilizer for stitching, and to keep the two halves of the banner together. Place it inside the scallop circle, so that there's about 1/2 an inch between the straight side of the half circle, and the fold. This is where we will thread through the twine for hanging, so we need to keep that part adhesive-free. Fuse with the paper on and allow to cool. Then, peel back the paper, re-fold the scallop into a half circle, making sure the scallops match up. Press again, fusing the two halves together.

When I made my first banner piece, I tested it out by threading through some twine using a tapestry needle. I just scooted it through until it came out the other side. Phew, it went through! So just remember to keep the webbing half circle at least 1/2 an inch away from the middle fold, and it should leave plenty of room to thread through your hanging twine.

Place the scallop template on the banner piece, scooting it up about an inch. Then, trace around the scallop with a water-soluable pen, starting 1/2 inch from the middle fold (again, to allow the twine to go through).

Thread your sewing machine with one of your Fall colors (I used four colors: dark green, orange, brown, and teal). You can use white or cream colored bobbin thread. Start sewing over your scallop tracing. Be sure to start and end a half inch below the fold. Go slowly! But, it doesn't have to be perfect! Just try your best. If you like, you can practice first, and play with your stitch length. Back stitch at the beginning and end. Then, about 1/4 inch above your first stitching line, sew another color. You can trace another line, or just use the previous stitching to guide you. I focused on one of the inside edges of my presser foot (I used a clear foot, which helped see my previous stitch too). After you're done, remove the fabric pen marks. I made five banner pieces with different pairs of thread colors. You could also use decorative stitches such as a satin stitch.

Time to make the pom poms! I used six different colors, one for between each banner piece and one at each end. If you use a smaller size, you could do two or even three in between each. If you have never used one of these pom pom makers before, check out this great pom pom maker tutorial by Blitsy! Be sure to leave two long tails after you tie the knot at the end.

Thread the twine through each of the banner pieces as shown in step 3. Leave a length of twine at each end for hanging. Then, tie a pom pom in between each banner piece and one at each end. Scoot all the banner pieces and pom poms so they're all snug next to each other without looking too crowded. When you're happy with how everything looks, trim off the excess yarn.

All done! I hung mine on my new wall hook rack made from an old tabletop that I found on the side of the road! It's hanging in my hallway and I made it so I could display seasonal banners and wreaths and this banner was perfect for it. I have two little hooks up top for banners, and one hook in the middle for wreaths. I made six more pompoms and tied them together to hang on that hook. I love this subtle nod to Fall as we enter the coziest and most colorful of seasons!