How To Make a DIY Plant Stand

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Give your plant a little lift with this super quick and easy DIY plant stand! You won't believe what it is made out of!

I don't normally get plants because I have a tendency to kill them. The only real plants I will buy (that actually seem to stay around) are succulents. These plants are seriously hardy. I swear, it is very hard to kill these plants. I typically do not water my Jade plant for a least a month at a time. Even with the lack of water, my Jade plants is still kicking after 10 years!

The other day I was looking at my lonely Jade plant I have on my desk at the office and thought it could use a little love. I wanted to showcase not only my Jade, but the DIY glittery planter I made. I decided it was time to create a DIY plant stand for my plant. To do this I did not turn to construction tools. Oh, no! I rummaged through our craftroom to see what materials we had on hand. I came across a wooden cradled canvas. Normally this product would be used to create a beautiful piece of artwork, but you know I had to think outside the box on this one!

I grabbed the wooden cradled canvas since I thought it would be the perfect base for my plant stand. Cool, right? To give my stand the lift I wanted, I picked up some wooden blocks. I added glue to the bottom of my wooden blocks and glued them to the underside of my canvas. So easy! You could take your DIY plant stand to the next level by adding a coat of paint, a pretty stenciled design, or a coat of stain. The possibilities are endless!!


Let's get crafty!

See how much happier my plant is with a little extra height?