How To Make A DIY Neon Pineapple Apron

Posted by Meghan Quinones
From wild and crazy pants, to a bright and cheery apron. You won't want to miss how to make this DIY neon pineapple apron!

Do you see those wild and crazy pants below? They are hard to miss, right? There is a little story behind my crazy pineapple pants...

I was out of town and did a horrible job packing. I was in desperate need of some workout pants. So, I headed to the local Walmart to scope out their pant scene. During my search, I saw these hot pink pants that nearly popped my eyes out of their sockets. When I got past the initial eye shock, I noticed the pants had pineapples on them. Pineapples have kind of become my jam lately. I would say I have a slight obsession with this fruit. A few minutes after I had stumbled upon the most obnoxious pants ever, I found myself leaving Walmart with said pants.

I bought the pineapples pants as a joke since I knew my friends would get a kick out of them. I had no intention of wearing my pineapple pants after that weekend. However, being a crafter, I held on to the pants. They weren't great to wear, but I figured the fabric could possibly be used for something else. Well, that something else ended up being an apron!

I was super happy I got to use my pineapples for something fashion related that was much cuter than the original source. With the help from Fabric Mod Podge, I was able to cut out my pineapples and glue them right onto my apron. To give my apron a little more flair, I painted the piping with a neon yellow colored fabric paint. I am super happy with the way my apron turned out. I think my friends are super happy not to see the pineapples on my legs anymore. ;)

Have you ever used the fabric from an article of clothing for another craft project? How did you use it?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Cut out your fabric designs.

Place your painter's tape along the inside edge of the piping on your apron.

Paint the piping with your fabric paint. Once the paint is dry, place Mod Podge on the back side of your cut out fabric pieces. Then, place them on your apron.

Continue adding your fabric design until your entire apron is full. After you add all of your fabric pieces, go over each of them with a layer of Mod Podge. This will help seal in your fabric. Let your glue dry. Once your glue it dry, your apron is ready to be put to use!

Feeling inspired? Get making!

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