How To Make A Custom Art Journal

Posted by Kim Dellow
Use this technique to make your own, custom art journal using the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner discs.

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Hi, it's Kim Dellow here and if you have been following me on my blog or here on the Blitsy Blog, you will know that I am pretty obsessed with the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner! So I have another idea to mix-media-up your Happy Planner items to share with you today. I am making a totally versatile and custom art journal using the disc-binding system of the Happy Planner. If you have some spare planner discs, the Happy Planner Punch and some paper, then you have everything you need to make your very own custom art journal.

I've used a mix of art papers, papers that I've already made backgrounds with paint and stencils for other projects, and scrapbook papers. You can really use any papers you like. If they have patterns on them, you can always add a layer of gesso over the top.

​Here Is What You Will Need:

Let’s Make A Custom Art Journal!

Decide what size you want your custom art journal to be and cut a piece of paper to that size to use as a template to make the other pages.

Trim the other pages to size, using your template but keep all the good sized off-cuts as different sizes of pages can be fun to add too.

For my custom art journal I am going to make one hard cover to give me something to lean on when I am using the journal out and about, but you can easily make two if you like for the front and the back.

First check that your cereal box will fit comfortably in The Happy Planner Punch; do not punch it if you are in any way concerned that it cannot punch through the cardboard and choose something thinner.

If you are happy that the cardboard will work in the punch, trim two or three pieces using the page template from Step 1.

Punch each piece of cardboard separately then use the regular gel to glue the pieces together to make the cover, making sure to line up the punched holes. Place the sandwiched cardboard under heavy books until dry then decorate as you want (I've added a piece of pre-punched scrapbook paper to the back of mine).

Meanwhile, punch each of the inside papers. I'm making a five-disc book so I have lined up each page using the markings on the punch to punch the 'holes' in the same place each time.

Once the back cover is dry, add the discs.

Add the inside papers. It's a good idea to mix the pages up so that each page is a surprise when you come to use it! Don't forget the cut-off pages too, for more variety.

I've used a piece of scrapbook paper to match the back of my cardboard cover for the front of my custom art journal. I've also added one of my mini envelopes and you can see how they are made, and download the template for them, from my 'DIY Mixed Media Keepsake Envelopes' tutorial here on Blitsy.

The best thing about this art journal is that it is totally versatile! You can add in pages, remove pages, or take pages out, work on them, let them dry then place them back in any time you want. You can even change the size and shape of the whole journal if you feel like it!

It will be a journal that grows with you and you can take out your finished pieces and store them in another set of discs to look back at your art journey as you progress.

Kim Dellow

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